Chicago Consular Corps



The Chicago Consular Corps (CCC) represents over 80 countries from around the globe. This unique group is comprised of Consulates, Consulates General and Honorary Consulates based in Chicago working to promote cultural and economic relations with the City of Chicago and between the respective countries and their host, the United States of America.


The mission of the CCC is to safeguard interests, rights and privileges of its members and members of their respective communities; to promote cooperation and friendly relations with the Federal, State, County and Municipal authorities, as well as with the business community, cultural and civic institutions; and to promote solidarity, friendship and cooperation between its members and the local community, and consequently to create and engender an “esprit de corps.”


The Corps consists of all career and honorary consular officers presently appointed by a foreign government to their consular position in metropolitan Chicago an as such recognized by the U.S. Department of State. The Corps consists of the following members:
• Full members · all heads of post, career and honorary
• Associate members · all other transferred officials
• Guest members · former heads of post of the Corps invited by the Corps


The objectives of the Corps are:

  • To safeguard its interests rights, and privileges.
  • To promote cooperation and good relations with the Federal, State, County and Municipal authorities as well as with the business community and cultural and civic institutions.
  • To promote solidarity, friendship and cooperation among its members and consequently to create and promote an "esprit de corps."


The position of Consuls has been present since Greek and Roman civilizations and also played an important role in the development of European trade during the time of the Italian Republics, where they were known as “Consulado de mercaderes”, or “juge consulaire”. Ambassadors were important and had a role in the European royal courts, they were key elements forging alliances or otherwise.

In modern times the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, which was drafted in Vienna in April 1963 and entered into force on March 1967 provides the legal framework that establishes procedures in which Consulates function spelling out our duties, obligations and the rights and privileges that we are granted in the receiving city, where we have been accredited; but modern necessities have dictated our roles.

Chicago Consular Corps Ladies Club (CCCLC)

The Role of Consul

Consuls do not deal only with the issuance of documentation, passports, visas and others; we foster trade tourism, cultural exchanges and commercial relations between our countries and the host State. Many Consuls also deal with Diasporas and transnational communities that require our assistance since they have become subjects of multiple jurisdictions and bodies of laws.


The Chicago Consular Corps Ladies Club (CCCLC) was established in 1960. Members are the wives of career and honorary Consuls General, Vice-Consuls, and ladies who are Consuls General, Consuls or Vice-Consuls of countries who have Consular Offices in Chicago. The club was founded to foster friendship and good relations among its members, to learn about people, traditions, art and culinary arts of the countries represented within the club and to get acquainted with Chicago, its environment and institutions.

On monthly outings the members of CCCLC visit, among other places, museums and galleries, government facilities, newspapers, corporate headquarters and convention centers, to learn about metropolitan Chicago. Events are often followed by a luncheon.

The club also has charitable activities and donates funds to various charitable institutions in the community. The CCCLC strives to improve the international relationship and understanding among its members and community of Chicago.

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