Chicago Consular Corps



2016–17 awardees: Fatimah Abioye, Ramasubramonian Deivanayagam, John Paul Fababaer, Ankit Gupta, Anika Hazra, Hanna Hixson, Jize Jiang, Negar Kamali Zonouzi, Robert Kozma, Chenlu Li, Vimviriya Limkangvanmongkol, Cree Medley, Herbert Nuwagaba, Mosope Osiyale, Roni Packer.

The Chicago Consular Corps (CCC) believes that education happens at many levels. It is for this reason that the CCC is so intimately connected with Sister Cities and what they stand for — the fostering of relations among municipal governments in different parts of the world and the promotion of educational exchanges through innovative programs.

The beauty of the programs in the field of education is that they involve young students. Initiating, at an early age, a global perspective to their education encourages students to investigate world cultures and customs, leading to curiosity in international affairs. Students will strive to understand what is happening where a new international friend(s) lives, adding a dimension to their lives and opening windows that they didn’t know existed. The experience will certainly impact their life and may contribute to the profession they choose to pursue.


When the CCC started receiving contributions from the Annual Ball, members decided to use the funds to support worthy student recipients. And, as a token of our gratitude to Chicago, partners and members established a legacy, focused on education, which would have a positive impact on the youth in the Chicagoland area. The CCC has partnered with the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) to administer a program that awards ten qualified candidates with a $1,000 scholarship each. Recipients are students working on undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. This important issue is a core value to the CCC and sends the message to the foreign students that we appreciate, admire and support their efforts and the sacrifice they and their families have made to strive for a better education. 

Allan W. Lerner is Associate Provost for International Affairs and Executive Director of the Office of International Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) leads the program. Professor Lerner has designed and taught extensively in continuing professional education programs — ranging from workshops to year-long certificate programs — for professionals in government and non-profit organizations, and has published on policy and strategic issues in continuing higher education. 

How to Apply

UIC students are invited to apply for the Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship. Nine scholarships are available for foreign students studying at UIC. One scholarship is available for a US national studying at UIC. Undergraduates as well as graduates and doctoral candidates may apply. Students in all fields are eligible. Eligibility for this scholarship is limited to students who have a minimum cumulative UIC GPA of 3.5 (on a 4.0 point scale).

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